Christian Education

At First Church we believe that our youth are our future.  Our program is designed to help and support them as they travel along their path to Christ.  At First Church our children thrive in an environment where they can grow with Christ.  From Nursery to Confirmation, each step in their journey is guided by staff and volunteers who have a deep commitment to God and an equal commitment to our children.

Our programs include Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Fellowship Days and our Youth Programs.

You do not need to be a member of First Congregational Church to participate in any of these fun and exciting programs.  Consider visiting and learning more about how we help our young people navigate the demands and expectations that are thrown at them, in a supportive and nurturing environment based on God’s word.


The children and youth activity calendar 2017-2018 is available for download, as well as the year at a glance 2017-2018.