Back Bay Mission: Back Bay Mission is one of the charities this church supports through the World Service Committee.  Back Bay Mission is related to the United Church of Christ (UCC) and is the only ministry of the UCC located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Through the UCC the Back Bay Mission can draw on a national network of supporters and volunteers who are committed to helping the people of the Gulf Coast.  This mission has been actively working in the Gulf Coast for more than ninety years.  Back Bay Mission has a three-tiered approach which involves helping people meet their immediate needs, continuing to help them overcome challenges with experienced case workers, and providing peer networks and mentoring programs to help them work their way out of poverty.

You can read more about Back Bay Mission at:

You can also find their newsletter in the mission basket outside the church office.

Maine Seacoast Mission:  This non-denominational organization whose aim is to service individuals, families and communities along the 2,400 miles of coastline from mid to Down East Maine has been in existence since 1905. It provides critical services and tries to “readdress the root causes of those needs”. The programs and services are many and varied. They include church and pastoral work, financial and medical assistance, food banks, crisis intervention, educational resources, etc. People of all ages and walks of life are served – from children who need tutoring and correctional facilities, to nursing homes and shut-ins. A program was launched in 2001 for medical care via telemedicine services aboard the mission vessel Sunbeam. The ship was outfitted with equipment that allows patients to “see” their doctors  using a video camera and specialized medical tools.

Morgan-Scott Project:  Located in the Tennessee Appalachian section of our country, the people of Morgan-Scott (a mission of the Congregational Christian Conference) serve and minister to families in need of economic, social and spiritual resources. This project, though not large, is vital to the needy families of this depressed area.




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