Music at First Church of Westfield

Alan F. Taylor Minister of Music

Alan F. Taylor Minister of Music

Music at First Church has long been recognized for the beauty and quality of its music. The artistry of our musicians is meant to help us express the language of our hearts as we live our lives week after week before God. The Church has a superb Fisk organ and a meticulously restored Steinway piano. Our talented musicians and choirs lead our worship with a variety of artistic styles.

We are blessed with the support of a church that enables us to have gifted musicians, both professional and dedicated church members. We welcome new members to join our choirs-youth, senior and handbell– and become involved in this ministry of music. We continue to oversee and preserve our organ and piano so that they will be providing beautiful music for future generations.

Easter Sunday 2015

Fisk Pipe Organ and Choir

Hand Bell Choir at First Church of Westfield, MA

Hand Bell Choir

We also enjoy our involvement with community music opportunities: our own concert series, Greater Westfield Choral Association, Young Singers of Greater Westfield, and Novi Cantori.


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