Pastor’s Corner

From Our Pastor

Hello friend, and thank you for stopping by our website! I have been with this lovely church only since March 2019, but I can definitely share some impressions with you.
At the front door, side door or at “coffee hour” after worship, you will never feel alone. No matter who you are, how you’re dressed, who you love or what your faith background, you are welcome at First Church.
Worship is structured but never stuffy. The music is top-notch, with a world class organ, choir and Choir Director, Allan Taylor. Hymns are old and new-ish, with much encouragement to “sing with gusto.” In our gorgeous sanctuary, you will hear references to God the Father, God the Mother and God’s beloveds, of whom you and I are one. You will hear stories from Hebrew Scripture and New Testament, distinguishing Jesus as the One we follow, emulate, and serve.
Everyone at First Church has the freedom to live, believe and interpret scripture as you see fit. You will never hear a warning of going “you-know-where” if you don’t believe a certain way. You will always be encouraged to offer your opinion, serve others and have your gifts be used for a higher purpose.
Here at First Church, we try not to judge others, but hold ourselves to account for living out the gospel of love, forgiveness, and service to God and community. Each week we hear each other’s troubles and triumphs, joys and concerns. We try to keep God’s peace, justice, and loving-kindness as the primary focus of our lives.
Come visit us. Let us pray together. Laugh together. Find peace, joy and God’s abundant life… together~
Yours in Service and Love,
Pastor Julie