Quilt Show and Entry Form

First Church Annual Quilt Show

  November 22nd and 23rd

Quilts are needed to exhibit at our “Holiday Faire at Church on the Green.”  A favorite quilt will be voted on by the attendees, a prize will be given.  A fee of $10 per quilt is charged.  The quilt may be for sale by the owner.  We hope to have a wonderful exhibit.

First Prize — $50

Second Prize — $25

Third Prize — $15

Drop off time is the week of November 12th, between 9AM—1PM.  For more information please call Beverly Gamble (568-5433), Lynn Brownlee (568-7095) or the church office at 568-2833.

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Entry forms can also be picked up in the office.

Entry Form Below:

First Church Quilt Exhibit 2019 Big E



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